At Midwest Metalworks, we strive to be a one-stop metal fabrication shop for the automotive industry. We can meet the needs of any project from classic to custom. Quality starts at the foundation. A sound chassis is the foundation of any build. We are highly capable of building any variety of frames or structures whether it be of tube or plate in order to be tailor-made for that project. We make sure that all of the components are mocked up and preassembled to be 100% sure of their fit, location, as well as any installation of necessary provisions. If parts are obsolete or need adapting, we can machine those incidentals. Our services do not stop there. Our shop is also equipped with power hammers and other various metal shaping/forming equipment to recreate, restore, or to build one-off panels and bodies out of steel or alloys. Certified technicians, to give you piece of mind knowing that your vehicle is of the utmost standard and that you are safe, do all of our welding in-house. Our goal is simple- serve our customer. Their satisfaction and our quality go hand in hand.